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How to make correct link text

Correct link text is very important for promotion your site to search engines. This article is about how to make good link text.
What is the link text?

Now we remember how to make a hyperlink.

Example 1

The link of the home page of the site on which you are now is:

<a href="">Free Website Builder</a>

The text Free Website Builder is the link text in this example.

For more information about hyperlink you can read here:

How to make a hyperlink to a website

Why the link text is so important?

Search engines consider each link leading to your website from other sites. They also consider all the links within your site.

And each link is thoroughly analyzed by search engines. Special attention they pay to the text links and text around the links.

And all links with the same link text the search engines take into account as a single link.

Example 2

There are 100 different sites. Each of these sites put one link to the same page of your site. Do you think that there are 100 references to this page on your site? Yes it is, but only if each of the 100 links has a different link text.

What would happen if the link text of these 100 links will be the same? In this case, for the search engines it is not 100 links from 100 different websites, but only one link.

Moreover, the search engine may decide that these 100 references are links spam. As a result, your website will be ignored by the search engines.

How to make the correct anchor text?

1. All links to any page on your site should have a unique link text. But do not forget that each link text must be at least one keyword! Like this:

Free Website Builder
Build Your Own Free Website

2. Text links should look natural. So add in text links qualifying words. Like this:

Free Website Builder online
The best Free Website Builder

3. For more natural effect you can insert words “here” and “there” (etc.) instead of text links.

4. Composing text links, do not use punctuation. For example, you made the link text:

Online. Free Website Builder.

The search engines will consider only the first part of the text to the point: Online.

5. Do not write too long text links. If the link text is too long, the search engine will consider only the first 2-3 words of text. If you do use a long text links, try to insert keywords into the beginning.