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Domain is the domain name of the site, the description for beginners to panweb

What is a domain site or, in other words, the domain name site

Each web-site should have its own unique domain name. What is it - the domain name of the site, or, as it is sometimes called - the domain of your site?

Domain name - this is a unique website address on the World Wide Web. For example, our site has a domain name, as you can see, the domain name of our website is composed of two words separated by a dot, it is the word - "panweb" and "com".

How did the domain name Let's start with the main, we recall that the Internet - a worldwide information space. We do not have the owner of the Internet, but Internet runs a number of international organizations, among them is the organization responsible for the registration of domain names one level - it is ICANN.

Domain Level 1

Domains 1 (upper) levels are the root domain and are subject to mandatory registration with ICANN. It is an official ICANN registrar a domain root level.

Here are some of the most popular domain names Level 1 - ru., Com., Net., Info., Org., Russia. and many others.

Domain Level 2

To register a domain level 2 there is no need to apply to ICANN. Registration of these domains are engaged in authorized organizations, all of which are mandatory accreditation to ICANN. In Russia there are about 25 official domain registrars 2 level.

Our site is is the domain of the 2nd level. The root domain name for this is - com.

At the time of registering the domain name of our site, the name panweb zone com. was unique. Once we have registered the name in the area of .com., Domain name level 2 «» was only belong to us and have no one else in this area can register a domain with the same title.

However, it is necessary to bear in mind that the right to own two domain registrar level is given only for 1 year. A year later, you will have to again pay the registrar for the renewal of the contract.

Domain Level 3

What is a domain site 3 level? This type of address, as you can see that domain name has three words - this is ivanovvv, and panweb and com.

Registration of Domain 3 level is free to make on our site This is our website is in this case, a domain name registrar 3 level in the area

In addition to free registration of domain 3 level, you also get free hosting for your site and free site builder.

A distinctive feature of our website builder is that with the help of any man can build a website for free, if he is at least minimally possesses knowledge, how to enter text and upload images