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Description and keywords. Form the correct meta tag description and keywords.

HTML - a programming language web sites. It was created in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. The title tag and meta tag description and keywords - an integral part of this programming language. The above tags tell the search engine-robot:

1. What is the title of the html-page (tag title).

2. What is the content of the html-page (tag description).

3. What are the key words search engine could rank this html-page (tag keywords).

In the early 90s of last century, tag title, description and keywords easier for search engines to identify the most relevant search web pages. But it was not for long. Internet evolved, it became more and more sites. And there was competition for getting into top 10.

Some webmasters have decided that in the struggle all means are good. These webmasters are used to promote their sites by unscrupulous methods. They began to add too many keywords in the description and keywords tags. As a result of  their sites were in the top 10. But not all of these sites were the best.
Therefore, the search engines soon began to ignore the keywords contained in the meta-tag description and keywords.  And those sites that use unscrupulous methods have come under the filter of search engines.

Therefore, meta-tag description and keywords are now not as an essential factor for the promotion of the site. Moreover, if you incorrectly fill out the meta-tag description and keywords, then your site can easily get to the filter search engines.

By the way, about how to form title tag we wrote in the article:

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In this article we answer the question: how to form the correct meta tag description and keywords. And how to avoid the search engines filter.
Let's start with the tag keywords. Everything is simple, add a couple of key words, or leave this tag empty.

Destsription tag is not so easy. The fact is that search engines often use the tag to create the snippet page. Therefore, the description tag should not be just a listing of keywords, but readable and interesting text. Reading a snippet user draws a conclusion - go to it on your site or not.

More information about the snippets you can read in this article:

Snippet. What is this? How to make a snippet?

It is a theory. What is practice? How to write the tag description and keywords in the html-code of the page? These tags, as well as the title tag should be written in the container <head> ..... </ head>.

But if you have created your website with Free Website Builder Panweb, the problem is extremely simplified. Enter the administrative interface of your website, include "edit mode" and the "page setup" fill in the appropriate fields (indicated by red arrows):