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Create a free website with panweb easy lessons!

Internet is so firmly entrenched in our lives that it is difficult to imagine how we used to without it. We are increasingly buying goods in shops over the internet, we learn and work remotely, meet and communicate, learn the news, swing music and movies, etc. , etc.

Own website on the Internet - this is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity. Moreover, their own site is needed not only businesses but also individuals. And if the business can easily order the production of the site for professionals, the individual is increasingly looking for options - where you can Free Website Builder.

And there are opportunities for private individuals are now abound! For example, site builder .

What kind of animal is this - «Website Builder» , and whether to deal with it man, far from professional programmer? Our answer - "yes." Himself an ordinary user to fully able to create your site in our system Panweb, it is only necessary to know any text editor. You heard right! Now, to create a website does not need to own the programming languages and knowledge of html-layout! That's what Panweb favorably with other designers sites.

In our constructor you can create a free website with free hosting just in 15 minutes, as in a convenient interface system understand even a child. But, if the user still have questions, then he has to help topics "Help" "Facts", "forum", as well as round the clock technical support.

The first step - a free registration system, and then it all depends on your imagination. You've already named your site? Enter a name in Latin letters when registering the window «Login».

Suppose you want to call your site «ivanovvv», respectively, the address of your page will look like - . Such domain address system provides free Panweb.

Then select template graphic design, create sections of the site and fill their text and images.

When working with text, you can choose the type, font size and color, create headers, divide the texts into paragraphs, insert a table. All the same way as you do it in a text editor.

Working with images in the designer sites Panweb easy and pleasant. The number of images that can be insert to the page - indefinitely, but their size and position are regulated by the appropriate settings.

If you enjoyed it, you can now create a free website at