Worthy of the domain name for the site need to think long before its creation. Because from URL’s name depends a great deal. For more information you can also read the article:

Domain name of the site. What is this?

The domain name of website will be a major component of its URL. For example, the domain name of our resource - Panweb, and the page on which you are now has URL - http://en.panweb.com/articles/human-friendly-url

As you can see the URL of this page is easy to read in your browser address bar. Such URLs are called “human-friendly URLs”. From the URL of this page it is clear that it is devoted to the question: “What is a human-friendly URL”.

A human-friendly URL has many advantages: web pages with human-friendly URL useful not only for people but also for search engines.

In the SERP sites with human-friendly URLs are higher than those who do not have human-friendly URL.

So if you decide to create a website, carefully think through not only what will be its domain name, but also the names of all its sections and pages.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that Titley of web page must contain the keywords. Keywords page, where you are now - "human-friendly URL". And it is not difficult to see, "keywords" also are present in the page header and the URL.

This combination is the most "pleasant" to search engines. Use this resource to promote your sites for search engine.

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