Sites created in a Free Website Builder Panweb ready for promotion and search engine optimization search engine Yandex and Google. Also common to all CMS tools for editing Meta-tags are already provided the correct Panweb Crosslinked generated pages , that allows search engines to easily identify Quick Links and successfully add them to your search results. Thanks to your site will be immediately noticeable with the background of the general search results.

Each page should have a unique address (URL). It is desirable that the form URL given an idea of what is contained on that page. Using transliteration page addresses and allow the robot to understand what might be the page. In Panweb you can use any characters in the URL, watch out for readability and informative address.

For search engines also provide the necessary answers correct HTTP headers Last-Modified, correctly filled in the file robots.txt, and the availability of the site map in XML sitemaps. Because of this promoted sites do not experience technical problems with indexing.

A separate version for mobile devices on the subdomain.

Also in the constructor of sites provide additional opportunities to promote news, blogs and products. Goods exported to Yandex.Market easily with the help of Files YML, news and blogs are connected to the search engines through automatically generated RSS feed.

For search engines is also important the speed of access to the site. Sites running on Panweb, opening at a rate of 50-100 pages per second, and this is not the limit.

These measures can significantly improve the ranking of your site in search engines.

Thanks to the efforts of our programmers will not have to worry about the technical part of website promotion. Simply fill in the meta-tag in the settings page and add the site to google and yandex. After a while you'll see it in the search results. To further promote read Recommendations of Search Engine.