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Advantages panweb - online website builder

Use Free Website Builder Panweb has several advantages over the classical design.
  • ability quickly create a full website. The result you will see at once. You do not need to understand programming, you can immediately begin to fill the site content. The process of editing the site is simple, intuitive and does not require qualified specialists.
  • Large selection of ready-made design templates. Do not waste your time on the elaborate design of the site, using any suitable pre-defined template. Modify the site design, you can at any time.
  • Easy updates. In designer websites uses visual editors that make the process of editing the site is as simple edits a document in ms word.
  • Independence. You do not need to worry about finding a web designer, choosing the right hosting, timely payment. You only need to fill in the site information and start receiving income from it.
  • service all in one. Panweb contains everything you need for your project. This hosting, CMS, and the support team one bottle. You do not need to install additional software. All that is necessary is accessible from any browser from anywhere in the world.
  • great opportunities. Extend the functionality of the site with ready-made plug-ins and modules. Application forms, photo gallery, online store, etc. All that is needed for 95% of sites.
  • Ability
  • create a website for free . The site is created is absolutely free and with minimal restrictions, while some are available toll-added services.
  • Technical Support. If you have any problems with the constructor, or need help, support and professional help to cope efficiently with all the problems. In addition to competently advise throughout the process and filling of the project.
  • Eternal Website . Sites that you create will be available as long as they go At least occasionally. Ie Your site will work and open up even after 100 years.