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Snippet. What is this? How to make a snippet?

What do you do when you need to find some information on the Internet? You ask a search engine. And after a few seconds, it finds and publishes a list of sites containing information of interest to you.

You see this list and begin to study it. You see the headlines of found pages. Under the headings you will find a short text with a brief content of these pages. This short texts are snippets.

So, snippet is a summary of the html-page, formulated and published by the search engine in the search results.

How to optimize snippets for search engines and to increase traffic to your site?

A good snippet should contain an answer to a user request, it should be readable, concise, but informative. Snippet should force the user to enter it on your site.

How to make the right snippet?

Make optimization snippets for the Google search engine is quite simple, because Google generates a snippet from the tag description. About the meta-tag description, we wrote here:
Description and keywords. Form the correct meta tag description and keywords.

The length of snippet in Google text - 150 characters with spaces. Therefore, making the tag description, be very brief, but do not forget to inform users of important!

How to optimize the snippet in the Free Website Builder Panweb?

If you created your website with Free Website Builder Panweb, then the optimization of the snippets you can do yourself.

Simply fill the description tag in accordance with our recommendations.

Log in to the administrative interface of your website, include "edit mode" and the "page setup" fill in the appropriate field: