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How to make html anchor link

You have a good site, but the texts of the pages are too long? And you are worried that visitors would be hard to find the information they need? Then do this - put at the beginning of the pages html anchor links and you not go wrong.

Because, html anchor links are very important element of the site navigation, as well as hyperlinks. See also article:

How to make a hyperlink to a website

In addition, anchor links are needed not only for usability of your site, but also for SEO.

So, how to make anchor link on the html page? It's very simple, the first part of html code of anchor link looks like this:
<a href="#any character">text of link</a>. 
The first part of html code of anchor link  you can place on page wherever you need.
Second part of the code you must place in the beginning of a piece of the text to which the link leads. Insert in this place the second part of the code:

<a name="any character"></a>

Attention! Text which is named by us "any character" must be the same in both parts of the code.

As you can see, it is easy to make anchor link on the html page.

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