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How to make title tag? Why is it so important?

Do you want your web site to become popular? Do you want that your site traffic has increased? Then learn the rules of how to please the search engines.

Search engines - what is it? This is special robot software. Their mission is to help us find the information you need on the Internet. For example, you are looking for a good free website builder. What are you doing?

You ask a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo or other) – “where to find a Free Website Builder”?

After a few seconds in the search results you will see a list of web-pages that the search engine found for your question.

The statistics say that you look up the first 10 web-pages found for your search engine. The remaining pages you will be ignored. These first 10 pages in the search results are called top-10.

How to get into the top-10? The answer is - each site should be seo optimized.

Seo Optimization of Web site is not an easy task. There are a number of actions to be taken to a web site was optimized for seo.

Today we look at only one very important aspect of seo optimization of web site. This is how to make a meta title tag for your Web site.

Why the meta title tag is so important?

Title tag is a brief description of the web page and it must be written for each web page (article).

What happens if you forget to write a title tag for a web page? The answer is - this web page will not be recognized by search engines.

Therefore, many programs automatically create the name of the title tag from the head (H1) of articles. Our Free Website Builder Panweb also has the opportunity.

Build your website in the Panweb system! And the head (H1) of your articles will be automatically entered in the title tag of your web pages!

So, what to do if the head (H1) and the title tag should be different? You can change the title tag manually, if you work with

How to write the correct title tag

1. Title tag must contain keywords.

2. At the beginning of the title tag should be the high-frequency keywords, then low-frequency keywords.

3. Title tag must not exceed 70 characters.

4. Each page of the website must have its own unique title tag.

5. Title tag should be attractive not only for search engines, but also for users. Because the fact is that in the search results users see title tag, not head (H1) of article.